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How to use chic lilac in bespoke tailoring?

Lilac is a color that is a pale violet tone.

There are some variations of the colour like pale lilac, rich lilac, or deep lilac. Some calls lilac as an exquisite variation of the color purple, however, lilac is a paler rendition. First used in the 18th century, lilac has incredibly deep roots. Over the centuries, this amazingly charming hue has captivated nobles while establishing itself as a most individualistic colour. Peculiar, free-spirited, and upbeat, there’s much to love about lilac.

Since the introduction of court protocols lilacs have been part of courtship. Its rich symbolism has always impacted the imagination of elegant and honorably bold nobles. The meaning of colour  is associated with an expression of gentle encouragement, emotional – humanistic attitude, and true love.

By choosing bespoke suit or shirt in lilac chic the person is communicating that is not afraid to pursue uncharted territory. Lilac’s adventurous spirit is admirable, and many regard it as an intrepid hero.

It will be hard to find lilac stand idle. It derives great joy from exploring the many facets of the world. If you consider yourself brave, full of passion and inspiration –  lilac is certainly for you

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Mindful, Intrepid Chic Lilac

Chic lilac grasps the importance of living in the very moment of times. It doesn’t concern itself with what could be. Its individualistic approach is in perfect tune with bespoke tailoring.

Amazingly unique bespoke suit represents the personality of the beholder. Bespoke suit makes the person a star on the social sky. A shining star on a daily basis.

Visit our artisan workshop and dive into welcoming Chic lilac applied in the amazingly unique bepoke suit.

Bespoke suit with chic lilac lining is always up for a good time and is an epitome of the person who knows how to live in the moment.

Discover the chic lilac.


Be as Smart as You Look

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