Leaderlike bespoke suit in posh green

How can we utilize the posh green in designing leader-like bespoke suit?

Where we may place the posh green on the colour wheel?

You will find the posh green in bespoke tailraing means world of diffrfence and be most uplifting all around your social surroundings.


To be perfectly clear with you, bespoke tailoring always kicks off from the idea. Idea of your desired image which our bespoke tailors are able to craftly capture.


Whether it will be business attire, casual suit or bespoke shirt our tailors design the idea of you placed at your unique social surroundings.

Bespoke is the utterly unique expression of your individuality and posh green bespoke suit is a perfect example of sheer individuality expression.

Posh green meets the needs of successful and analytical persons. Green from centuries has been associated with problem solving attitude, good memory and positive thinking.

According to psychology of colours people wearing green are characterized by a unique set of traits, such as analytical, inquisitive mind, a deep thirst for knowledge and a strong inclination to positive leadership.

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Key factors which will you communicate when dressed in posh green bespoke suit:

  • you are analytical and logical
  • calm and strategic
  • strong leadership traits
  • disvoverer
  • knwoledge seeker

In a nutshell an epitome of successful person with most original style.

It’s time to discover the positive influence of posh green bespoke suit.

Do not wait for others. Start to be a successful leader. Dress for success and show the world who you really are.

Make no mistke and tap int the rich symbolism of posh green bespoke suit.

Visit our artisan workshop in Bangkok and ask our tailors how to make posh green bespoke suit the part of your daily adventures.

Discover a posh green bespoke suit


Be as Smart as You Look.

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