The story of Robin Tailors

The story of Robin Tailors

Robin Tailors is the story of a young man with strong ambition and a passion for fashion. His lifelong dream was to open his own tailor shop. He started from the bottom and worked hard to make it happen.

He begins his journey as a cleaner in a tailor shop. His responsibility was for cleaning the store and ensuring that all areas were kept tidy. This included sweeping the floors, wiping down surfaces, dusting shelves and furniture, and disposing of any garbage. He was also in charge of stocking shelves with clothing items and folding them as needed.

After a few years, he gained experience much more than just a cleaner. That made a good impression on his employer and was promoted to a salesperson role. As a salesperson in the tailor shop, his duties included a few things. First part was assisting customers with selecting items from the store and providing advice on clothing styles and fabrics. Then other, taking measurements for custom-made clothing items, accepting payments from customers and providing customer service support. Eventually he was also responsible for helping to manage inventory levels in the store by counting stock and updating records accordingly.

As a salesperson, he experienced a great deal of strain while toiling in the tailor shop. The employer has ambitious goals every month that necessitate him to frequently urge customers to invest in more. It is often hard to watch patrons battle to pay more than what they had planned for. Robin became very uncomfortable having to force people to cash out more than what they intend to but he has to do it in order to meet his sales targets every month.

This was the point in life he had a wish. If he ever had the chance to own his own tailoring shop, he will never force his customers to pay more than what they’re comfortable paying.


Bangkok became a popular destination for bespoke tailoring

Bangkok during this time was a popular destination for bespoke tailoring. This is due to its abundance of skilled tailors, excellent craftsmanship and affordable prices. The city’s culture is steeped in the tradition of custom clothing. Dozens of shops emerged offering handmade suits and shirts tailored to fit perfectly without breaking the bank. Tailors in Bangkok are known for their ability to create garments that reflect individual personalities and style preferences. This includes taking into account body shape and size. Many offer a wide range of fabrics, styles and colors so customers can find exactly what they are looking for. This combination of quality workmanship, low costs and diverse options made Bangkok an ideal destination for those looking for bespoke tailoring services.

Understanding the tailoring business is essential for anyone who wants to succeed in this industry. It requires knowledge of fabrics, cuts, and techniques used in creating garments. Tailors must know how to work with different fabrics and understand the best way to cut them for a perfect fit. They must also be familiar with various sewing techniques such as darts, pleats, gathers, hems, and buttonholes.

Tailors must stay up-to-date on the latest trends in fashion while maintaining good customer service skills to be successful. Robin understood this and took in all the knowledge and put his dedication to gain knowledge on the different fabrics and materials and the ability to use various tools and machines. He became comfortable working with both hand tools such as needles and thread as well as using specialized sewing machines. Furthermore, he learned to have an eye for detail and learned garment construction techniques to produce great garments.


Achieving dreams to open his own tailoring shop in 1999 – Robin Tailors

In 1999, Robin achieved his dream of opening his own tailoring shop. He had worked hard for many years, learning the trade and perfecting his craft so that he could open a shop of his own. He was determined to make it successful and put in countless hours of hard work to make it happen. His diligence paid off as the shop quickly began to attract customers from all over the area. The man took great pride in providing quality workmanship with excellent customer service. His efforts have established him as one of the best tailors in the business, and he has been able to build a loyal following over the years due to his commitment to excellence. His success is a testament to what can be accomplished when you pursue your dreams with passion and dedication.

He opened Robin Tailors with a true commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and aesthetics, honoring the first customers who valued quality above all else. As the store’s reputation has grown far beyond its original borders, we strive to provide luxurious fabrics at prices accessible to everyone.

Today, Robin Tailors not only offers custom tailored men’s fashion, we offer custom tailoring for women as well. We specialize in classic tailoring techniques and modern design elements to create unique and timeless pieces for our customers. We dedicate ourselves in delivering tailored apparel that meets the highest standards of excellence and attention to detail. Our customers can expect an affordable price for custom-made clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. No matter where you are or what you need, we will provide you with superior quality garments at a reasonable cost.